What we observed

Arranged marriages are very much a part of the cultural context of India where parents choose suitable life partners for their children. Even today, 75% of Indians prefer arranged marriages over love marriages. However, this is a largely patriarchal institution and women are put under immense pressure to give up their careers and take up household chores after marriage. This gap between the expectations from men and women needed to be bridged.

Urban women fear being asked to give up their careers after marriage
Find the pressure on them to perform household chores as overbearing

what we did

We decided to address this gender gap with a digital film titled Change The Convention. The film showcases a seemingly typical arranged marriage scenario but with a unique twist in the end. The father of the bride-to-be rather refreshingly stands up for the conventional expectations from her daughter after marriage and goes about setting an equal ground for this partnership. Such a take on arranged marriages hadn't been seen before.

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What we achieved

The video went viral in a matter of a few hours. Mass conversations began on all of Biba's social media platforms and the video made way for interesting perspectives on arranged marriages. Within a matter of a few days, 300+ million impressions were made and more than 15+ million users engaged with the campaign. Positive sentiments for Biba reached an all-time high and there was an increase in sales by 37% after the release of the ad.

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TheIt's all about changing your mind set and focusing on the love you have of each other and excepting each other and understanding the differences as you haven't been brought up the same, only then will society ever change and accept change

Ramona Sangha

I am proud of the stand that the girl’s father took but I am more proud of the boy who is ready to change his mentality even though raised by conservative mom... Who says the young can't change the world.... Be the change you want and the world will change slowly.

Smita Simon

This I believe was intended to go beyond just cooking, it was a small attempt to question relationships, whether arranged or those independent from parental arrangements. My marriage was not arranged - we are very happily married but it takes work just like everything good in life. I know people whose marriages were arranged and they too are happily married...and they too work at it. It is about love, respect, dignity, for both women and men. Just my humble take on things.

Kathy Dilks

This is a brilliant example of gradual change, it's not about his cooking abilities, but about his willingness to change and the way he assured the girl that he would be there for her when she needed him.

Sawara Khan

Change has a bad reputation in our society. But it isn't all bad — not by any means. In fact, change is necessary in life — to keep us moving ... to keep us growing ... to keep us interested... Imagine life without change. It would be static ... boring ... dull.

Sunny Tyagi

+15 million & counting