What we observed

Am I looking fat? It’s a common question women often ask themselves, their friends, spouses or anyone whose opinion they value. Body image issues is a problem that most women face, all over the world. It is also something that is carried from one generation to the next, from mothers to their daughters. As a brand that encourages women to possess a strong sense of self, it thus becomes essential for us to create awareness around this underlooked yet very pertinent problem in contemporary society.

Of girls from grade 1 to grade 3 want to be thinner
Of 10 year olds fear growing fat

what we did

We addressed this problem through a digital film - Change The Question - which explores a relationship between a regular couple who are forced to introspect on being asked a simple, innocuous question by their daughter, which she has picked up from the mother herself- “Am I looking fat?”. This makes them question if they had been unknowingly giving off the wrong message to their daughter.

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Inviting the audience

We then amplified the impact of the video by creating a microsite where users could actually #ChangeTheQuestion and provide positive, uplifting questions instead. This opened a gateway to an important conversation.

unique entries on the microsite

To take the campaign a step further, we took 20 of the best entries from the microsite and printed them on Biba clothing labels – thereby taking the message offline, to the consumer.

What we achieved

The campaign made the digital community sit up and take notice with the video garnering over 12 million views across various digital platforms.  Apart from video views, the campaign also drove a widespread change in perception, thanks to the microsite where users could #ChangeTheQuestion. It fuelled media coverage, massive organic PR and most importantly, sparked off an important conversation. Also, as a result of the positive sentiment for the brand, Biba also recorded a huge spike in sales.

digital interactions
Rise in sales


How fat is fat and how skinny is skinny? Do I let the society do this to my body?

Why do we have benchmarks for beauty and body and not for our heart and acts of charity?

Am I being my real self or just trying to impress the world?

Is it my body type or my complexion or should it be my confidence that is a make or break for an outfit?

Why dress to impress? #DressToExpress

Will my dress express my nature?

Am I looking perfectly imperfect?

Will my outfit help me sail through a difficult day?

For all the judgmental stares, why do you really care?

Am I truly looking feeling beautiful?

Is my individuality overridden by others’ opinions? Do they really matter?

With a head held high and a beaming smile, am I ready to take on the day?

I would #ChangeTheQuestion to “Is it complimenting my purpose for the day?”

Will this kurta make me feel closer to #GharKiDiwali while I’m away from home?

Society has fed us enough of what ideal definitions of beauty are. Are we ready to #ChangeTheQuestion?