The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is an emergent music festival in India and also the biggest when it comes to independent music in the country. It's the hub of young, enthusiastic people who are perpetually connected to the web and it's the exact audience that MTS wants to reach out to. The challenge was in connecting with the right audience- the young, social savvy group who're always connected to the internet.


At the NH7 music festival, MTS introduced the drone, the first of it's kind which, like an eye in the sky, it went around spotting the best of the crowd and leading them to their very own minutes of fame. It flew over the festival grounds spotting interesting people and directing them to the MTS Drone stage that had been set up for the most entertaining lot of people.

A shot selector let these folks select the angle they wished to be captured in while they were delivering the best of performances. Artist also registered themselves for the activity and all the pictures and videos were uploaded on the different social media platforms of the brand.

case study



A music video was created using the user generated images and aerial video
captured by the drone leaving everyone mesmerized when they saw it.


The drone activation was a hit with the crowd. More than 10,000 people engaged with the drone over
three cities: it clocked in 1087+ pictures, 300+ videos along with 15 million people reached on social.