To stall the Juvenile Justice Bill 2014, that allows for children between the ages of 16-18 to be tried as adults for committing heinous crimes. Keep juveniles away from the adult criminal justice system.

The Juvenile Justice bill was introduced to the parliament which sought to allow the possibility of juveniles aged 16-18 to be tried at the adult court, in case of heinous crimes. To the apparent eye of an outraged country, it seemed like the right thing to do but to the far-sighted, it appeared more flawed than fit.


We realized we were about to encounter a moral struggle. We were not mere spectators in an outraged country, we were the outraged country.

Coming up with a strategy for this campaign called for us to look beyond our personal biases to find a common ground of agreement - not just for ourselves but for the 1.2 billion people of this country.

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Result/ Press Mentions

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Juvenile Justice took a firm and decisive stand on the transfer of children to prison. They say a firm NO in one of the most well prepared and researched reports ever!

Major newspapers like the Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Times of India and The Hindu. All popular new age digital blogs like Home Grown, AFAQS, Scoop Whoop, Kractivist and Scroll.